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Sunday, 14 August 2016

Jakarta museum playdate (August: Play and fly at Museum Layang-layang!)

This August meetup we went to southern part of Jakarta and meet southern mommies & munchkins too! At museum Layang-layang we still have 3 parts of activities (EZI):

Monday, 27 June 2016

☁❤ Museum tekstil Jakarta review & Jakarta Museum Playdate story

As written in this post "What to do in Singapore for toddler who's not in school yet"hungrybaby was a regulars at many playdate group/community. As we stay in Jakarta, we're looking for the same community.

It is quite hard, for example if we compare the Sg site that have extensive choice of toddler outdoor activities, with Jakarta, there's only 1 inactive toddler group, the rest is mostly dating (mak comblang) communities! Ha!

My Sg playdate group organizer, now who became my friends, they encourage me to initiate a playdate group, which I never think of before. After a few months we feel that children outdoor activities in Jakarta is very limited, our "adventure" choice was the shopping mall.

And then one time, we visited Museum Tekstil Jakarta, for my work. And not one person, but many asked hungrybaby "What are you doing in a Museum, dear? Isn't it boring and dusty?". We were a Museum goer back in Singapore, and we want to explore Jakarta's museums too. Glad we did, we especially hungrybaby enjoyed the visit, and the Museum Tekstil also have a lovely garden and large outdoor area. From that moment, I have an idea to arrange outdoor toddler activities, in Jakarta's Museum venues. The Museum also very open and supportive with the idea.
Museum Tekstil's outdoor area: Taman pewarna alam (Natural dye garden)
Saturday, 25 June 2016

✄ Jakarta Museum Playdate (June: Main ke museum tekstil!)

Playdate invitation

This June meetup is an introductory playdate where we have 3 parts of activities (EZI):

1. Enjoy nature
- Picnic: Introduce ourselves and familiarize the kids with the garden
- Introduce the Textile museum, and the famous fabric from Indonesia, batik, that many of the patterns inspired from the nature such as cloud (Mega Mendung), wave (Parang), lotus flower (Kawung), and butterfly.
- Gardening: Watering the plants, leaves collecting, and looking for the hiding caterpillar

Gardening, watering the plants and picnic

Thursday, 17 March 2016

☁ What to do in Singapore for a toddler who's not in school yet

From time to time, I was asked: "How old is your daughter?", "Why she's not in school yet?", then followed by the question: "Must be bored at home, right?"

When hungrybaby turned 2, she went to a playgroup (pre-Nursery School) for couple of months. But for her (and mama) the 2 hours daily lesson was too overwhelming. So mama searched for activities around Singapore that can filled our days, the goal was to have more outdoor activities.

Diy weekly schedule

So we made DIY a weekly schedule, which had only one activity per day, such as Monday: Library, Tuesday: Mops, Wed: Park, etc... really simple and laid back schedule.

But after a while, after found out about, mops, and other playdate options, the schedule became like this:
Schedules are subject to change, please check the provided links 

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

My top 10 iHerb list

I considered myself as an iHerb regulars. Since Feb 2013 I've done 60 purchase from the site. I started with joining a motherhood forum spree, but quite a hassle with the meet up and my purchase quantity was became bigger, that's why I decided to buy myself. The shipment to Singapore is 5-8 working days using Singpost registered mail.

iHerb is a place when you can get raw, natural, and organic products. From the hype things such as chia seeds, goji berry, argan oil; to old school natural products. And here's my 10 ten list, completed with Singapore price comparison:

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Wonderpets themed birthday

Hungrybaby loves the Wonderpets so much, it is a show from nic jr about pets who rescue baby animals in trouble, and encouraging healthy eating habit too. It was mentioned on my last post too, about our favorite video review. 

It was hard to find Wonderpets themed party favors in Singapore.And here's my attempt at making DIY themed birthday party.We had 2 small parties at home with neighbor kiddos, and with Sunday school friends, of course I re-use the same decoration for the second party :)

The theme was Wonderpets: environmentally friendly-health conscious-animal conscious party, with kraft paper color scheme. Lol!

Wonderpets party at home
Fly boats jelly :) recipe is adaptation from here, but I use the orange's juice, no waste! 
Friday, 10 October 2014

{Video Review} Signing Time and other favorite toddler shows

I used to be an anti-TV parent,

At about the age of  9 mos to 3 yo, baby's brain is rapidly developing more than any times in human life (here is a very good explanation) and there are lots of research that shows negative effects of screen time on young children :
here a study from urbanchildinstitute,
here from kidshealthorg,
- and here from PBS the broadcaster side, they even give warnings

But (so fast for the but.. heehee) .. as the baby grown, my schedule also grown, and TV was one of a great help when I needed to cook, take a shower, eat peacefully or doing some urgent work of my small online biz or Sunday School tasks.

Still, we are very selective about which shows that hungrybaby can watch, screen time (1 hour per day) and allowing her to watch TV when she turned 1. Up to now, we don't watch commercial and cable TV, and toddlerhood runs so fast, so we adults decided no to watch TV unless baby is sleeping.

And from the selection, this is our toddler's fave show:
Yes... its : Signing time! <3
Monday, 23 June 2014

Our June 2014 holiday outings in Singapore

Children's Season and Play@National Museum of Singapore
93 Stamford Road S(178897)
Tel:(+65) 6332 3659 / (+65) 6332 5642
For children aged 3 to 7 years old
10-6pm daily (last entry 5.30)
Masak Masak: My Childhood
24 May 2014 – 3 August 2014
Free admission 
*Outdoor playground opens only on the weekends
PLAY@National Museum of Singapore 
Opens 24 May 2014
Free admission 

Hungrybaby and friends was having a wonderful time visiting the National Museum.
Excited munchkin
Wednesday, 30 April 2014

☁ Jurong Regional Library - Impressive Children Section

Image is from here
Yesterday, was not our first visit to the library, but it was the first time we notice how special the children section is. I assume because previously we visited on weekends, so the section that located on Basement 1 level is a bit cramped, and we decided to spend time at young people area (level 4), which had a free live music, which hungrybaby enjoyed as well.

Free music, free flow drink ^^ (this was taken when hungrybaby 1 y 4 m, now she is 2! weep weep)
Although the place is a bit far from our place, we went to this library because it has the book that I want to borrow - Raising your Spirited Child - which located in the Family section, also at Basement 1.. then we noticed the Early literacy section, and me & hungrybaby both were very excited!
Cozy reading lounge ^^
Monday, 4 November 2013

Hungrybaby's Montessori inspired daily activities(18 months old)

Some simple Montessori inspired..or just simply fun daily activities :

- Pouring activities (Practical Life for Toddlers and Sensory Training)
Pouring/Scooping pasta using spoon between 2 cups

Distributing the cornflakes cereal to an ice cube tray

Macaroni pouring

Pouring, scooping and sensory exploration using "sandbox" (we're using instant muesli)

Pouring, scooping and sensory exploration using water ball sensory table

Putting back the waterball to the bottle (and pouring it back)

- Wooden/laundry peg activities: 

Result : Taking off the wooden pegs was easy, but she's not able to put them on again

This is an activity that she invented by herself :)
When I was doing the laundry, she played around and the pegs caught her eye

- Other practical & sensory activities

Pulling and pushing in chenile to a small hole

 Putting in/out straws to a container

Sweeping using small broom

This is what happened if she's using the normal size broom, 
showing off and bring it all the way to the side of the street :)

Inserting coins to a money bank

Cutting a bread using cookie cutter

Playing..or biting wooden puzzle :)

Watering the plants

- Art Activities

Finger painting
Result: She's not comfortable yet to have stains on her palms, so she was using a sponge brush

DIY finger painting recipe: 
2 cups of corn flour/ starch

 1 cup of cold water

4.5 cups of boiling water
 Liquid food colouring

Playing with play doh
Result: it is not an art activity yet, since she likes to poke and roll the dough only, it is considered sensorial activity :)

Note: Adult supervision needed for all of the activities :)

- Music Activities :
Playing piano

Playing maracas

Playing guitar

Morning dance routine

Nursery songs

- Outdoor/nature play: Nature is the best and subtlest teacher, that's why we go outside around our house or to a playground, twice a day, 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the afternoon. We really enjoy this walks. Sometimes we do an evening stroll if hungrydaddy can go out from work early :')

Observing nature around the house

Pushing cart 

Nature walks

And her favourite : Water play

- Language Activities: We read to her a bible story every night before we go to bed
Result : She is not really focused with the book yet, moving around and then back to the book, but excited for closing prayer time.

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